Field of Vision

The helmet design places the face closer to the viewport and the viewport design allows for an increased field of view compared to other products on the market.

Rear Angle

The helmet’s 30° rear-angled design enables a comfortable donning and removal of the helmet. Donning the helmet is incredibly fast and easy, allowing the Divers to properly close and open the helmet by themselves in a safe and efficient way. When facing upwards the rear-angled design offers a more natural and comfortable method of tilting the head upwards with less stress and fatigue even during prolonged dives.

Integrated Camera and Light

The helmet is designed to allow the installation of a video camera and light which enables the remote monitoring of ongoing underwater activities. Both can be installed with a standard method, making use of typical commercial systems or by taking advantage of the DRASS patented dedicated system that provide an improved cable-routing offering superior safety.


Eurofins Product Testing Italy S.r.l. declares according the procedure of Annex V (module B) that this personal protective equipment is in according to Essential Health and Safety Requirements of the Regulation (EU) 2016/425 and to the applicable points of the following standards: EN 15333-1:2008/AC:2009

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